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About Depoe Bay
Known as the Whale Watching capital of Oregon, Depoe Bay hosts the smallest navigable harbor in the world. From the huge seawall which runs the entire length of the town, you can watch as travlers and boats wait at the mouth of the harbor to time their run in from whale watching excursions, deep sea fishing or sightseeing.

No matter if you are just passing through overnight or are at your ultimate vacation destination, Depoe Bay and the Oregon Coast have activities for every interest: casinos, golf, restaurants, wine tasting, hiking, aquariums, parks, beaches and charter fishing.

Ancient lava beds abut the seawall and when the water is rough the famous spouting horns will occur as seawater under high pressure blows up through the lava tubes - a sight you will want to be sure to see!

Depoe Bay are human-sized, without the crushing crowds and stress of cities. Cities have rush hours, our largest towns have "rush minutes!" You feel it in the air; here, people work to live instead of living to work. Breathe it in, relax, you're on "coastal time."

There may be no more satisfying experience than walking an unspoiled beach, or watching a mother whale and her calf as they feed and frolic so close to you that you can actually hear them spout.

Check out Depoe Bay on your next trip to the Oregon Coast!

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